Caprine Acres

Caprine Acres is home to a variety of animals including: ASDR Miniature Aussies, Nigerian Dwarves, and Alpines. The farm is owned by Jackie and Bill Bouwkamp, and is run by Evan and his little brother Trace. We are currently members of ADGA. There are links below to view our selection of animals. Please feel free to email me for more info on any of the animals.

 No buck kids will be sold from FF.


Sales Policy: For any animal sold we reserve the right to retain any animal even if there is a deposit to hold that animal. It is at the breeders discretion what is sold. A deposit must be paid in the amount of half the animal for me to hold. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrrable. If an animal with a deposit was decided to be kept then I will work with anyone to choose a different animal or refund the deposit. If for some reason you decide the animal is unacceptable to you anymore, I will pass the word along that your animal is for sale, but will not accept return animals. There is to much risk of disease and there is to much invested in this herd to accept returns. We strive to ensure that every buyer is happy with their purchase and try to make the right fit for the right families. We cannot, however, make everyone happy, and still have to do what is best for our farm. We will follow our sales policy strictly unless a written contract stating otherwise is done. All breeding animals sold will be replaced if there is a written veterinary statement of cause of sterility. Some bred does sold will be sold with doe only agreements, NO buck kids will be registered from these breedings. Buck kids carry my herdname FOREVER. I SHOULD get to decide who gets the green cheerio and who does not. If you want the option of buck kids, then don't buy the bred doe. End of story. This is very similar to selling puppies without breeding rights. I would be happy to discuss this principle with anyone privately.

NO cash refunds will be given.

By looking at this website you are agreeing to our sales policy in your future purchases.