Alpine Senior Does


Caprine Acres ITS Pearl

Sire: CH Autumn-Acres In The Shire

Sires Dam: CH Caprine Hills CHMBB Missouri

Sires Sire: PJ-Baileys’ Driver Aragon *B

Dam: Caprine Acres Zyn’s Jewels

Dams Dam: GCH Granted-Wishes Diamond 1*M

Dams Sire: Autumn-Acres V’s Zenergy

Pearl is a 2019 Model. She has probably the prettiest udder in the barn. She is smooth, stylish, and just lovely. She is bred to Caprine Acres Chimay Galaxy.

Autumn-Acres Beau Marvelous

Sire: Redwood Hills Beau Boston

Sires Dam: Redwood Hills Chimay Catalina 1*M

Sires Sire: Redwood Hills Klein Beau *B

Dam: Ch Caprine Hills CHMBB Missouri

Dams Dam: Caprine Hills OLC Marea

Dams Sire: Caprine Hills AAA Mojo Bam Bam

Mav is a 2020 model. She is a very extreme doe, being tall, and long. So long in fact that she looks underweight because she is so long and stretchy that she lacks depth of body right now. If you can’t already see the pattern, I am in love with the Missouri lines. She is my fav Alpine I have ever seen. Mav is bred to a Chimay son from Hitch’s farm that hasn’t been named yet.