Thank you to all of our buyers, we
appreciate you, and wish you the best. Look for more kids to be
available in the spring. Please feel free to contact us if you
see one that’s right for you. We periodically have breeding
stock listed for sale on this page so check back often.
Sales Policy: For any animal
sold we reserve the right to retain any animal even if there
is a deposit to hold that animal. It is at the breeders
discretion what is sold. A deposit must be paid in the
amount of half the animal for me to hold. Deposits are
non-refundable and non-transferrrable. If an animal with a
deposit was decided to be kept then I will work with anyone
to choose a different animal or refund the deposit. If for
some reason you decide the animal is unacceptable to you
anymore, I will pass the word along that your animal is for
sale, but will not accept return animals. There is to much
risk of disease and there is to much invested in this herd
to accept returns. We strive to ensure that every buyer is
happy with their purchase and try to make the right fit for
the right families. We cannot, however, make everyone happy,
and still have to do what is best for our farm. We will
follow our sales policy strictly unless a written contract
stating otherwise is done. All breeding animals sold will be
replaced if there is a written veterinary statement of cause
of sterility. Some bred does sold will be sold with doe only
agreements, NO buck kids will be registered from these
breedings. Buck kids carry my herdname FOREVER. I SHOULD get
to decide who gets the green cheerio and who does not. If
you want the option of buck kids, then don’t buy the bred
doe. End of story. This is very similar to selling puppies
without breeding rights. I would be happy to discuss this
principle with anyone privately.  No bucks will be sold out
of first fresheners.

By looking at this website you are agreeing to our

sales policy in your future purchases.

(unless otherwise agreed), AND THERE WILL BE NO CASH REFUNDS! I
will no longer be able to breed animals specifically for others.
I will only sell does as exposed if they have been with the
buck. I will offer a rebreed if the animal has come back into
heat in the next cycle, but I will not offer this service if the
doe did not come back into season here and seems to have aborted
at new owner’s residence.

There are no guarantees with any living breathing animal,
therefore I guarantee my animals healthy at time of sale, but
once they leave the farm I cannot guarantee anything as I am no
longer in charge of their environment. I will offer supports to
buyers as I want their experience in goats to be successful.
You have 14-30 days after time of sale on an adult or weaned kid
depending on situation to get your animal home unless otherwise
agreed upon with seller. After the 30 days you will be charged
$5/day board and if you choose not to pay board for the animal
you forfeit your deposit and the animal will be put back up for

Bottle kids must be paid in full within a week of birth, and
scheduled to be picked up within a week. I will work with buyers
as necessary to make that happen.


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